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From Victim To Victor (The Neil Halford Story)

From Victim to Victor - The Neil Halford StoryNeil Halford is one of the premier motivational and inspirational speakers in the speaking industry today.  At the age of 2 Neil was involved in a near fatal accident which left him totally blind and forever changed his life and that of his family.  In his presentation (From Victim To Victor) Neil takes the audience  on the enthralling journey of his life story.  It is an emotional roller coaster which will have you crying one moment and wiping away tears of laughter the next.  Throughout this 45 minute presentation Neil will walk you through that tragic morning which changed his life, and will share with you through his short inspiring stories, some of the unique challenges he faced in his public and personal life.  Neil's fearless will to succeed in a sighted world has taken him to heights unimaginable to most listeners. In high school Neil was one of the top wrestlers in the State of Nebraska.  He twice qualified for the Nebraska state high school wrestling tournament, and as a senior brought home a 4th place metal from state. As an adult, Neil has obtained unmatched success in the sales industry, and in 2005 he published his autobiography "The Sound of Sight."  A true story teller in the classic sense, Neil is one of the most dynamic presenters in the business today.  Neil's life story is one which crosses all boundaries and can be used to motivate or inspire any group or organization regardless of age, race, or gender.

Neil has shared his amazing story with many top businesses, schools, and organizations throughout the country.  The impact which Neil's presentation has had on its listeners is immeasurable.  Neil constantly receives feedback  and is recognized by  individuals who's lives have been touched by his story.

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